What we do

Digital production

Webs, e-shops, micro pages, mobile apps, loyalty programs, advanced web animations, specialized server Applications, everything done in original or according to an order design.

Social media

Creating copy write content, profiles administration for all social network, production and organization of competitions, building communities and linking all channels within the online space.

Film, video, animation

Creating and producing commercials, films and documentary programs for all marketing channel, cooperation and service for all international film projects, professional film 3D animation.

Marketing, campaigns

Facebook, PPC and other online and classic campaigns, PR, performance marketing, brand building, media purchasing, camping administration and evaluation, communication strategies, UX implementation.

SEO, analysis

Analyzing of all marketing channel, independent targeted monitoring, consulting, SEO tools and their implementation, overall optimization not only for solutions created by us.

Our own software

Social network Inspireli, CMS system Contrast, Mailing system DM Bee, webs system Template Genius, Sprite creator designed to for web applications production.

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In cooperation with external team.

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Our projects

CMS system Contrast

Permanently actualized well arranged administrational system, user-friendly for our clients, contains SEO tools that detect SEO text, allows simple expansion of a web.

Mailing DM Bee

Professional direct mailing system, complex statistics, clear and simple workflow, convenient financial packages, client pays only the services they use.

Social network Inspireli

International social networked designed for architects, designers, companies and public, interconnected ecosystem that has been built using the latest technologies.

Sprite Creator

Unique software that creates web animations and generates the providing code, connected with cloud storage space, allows preparation of large-scale animation for web games and others.

Template Genius

Templates that are easy to modify using the CMS Contrast system, customizing according to clients wishes, personal communication of the whole project.

Baby Time

Simple mobile app designed for future fathers, it tracks down phases of pregnancy and gives information about state of a baby, interactive timeline, the app quickly finds the right way to a maternity hospital.


Inspireli changes architects‘ lives

International talents competition Inspireli Awards that takes place on worldwide social network Ispireli has a jury of architects from 6 continents. The art director of whole project is Borek Sipek. Inspireli (designed for architects, designer or even for common users) helps this way starting young talent’s careers. Inspireli changes architects‘and designers‘lifes.

DM Bee - direct mailing for everyone

Our direct mailing has been so far available just for big companies and agencies but this summer we are going to start offering this effective system to small companies as well. Mass mailing requires only 15 minutes to get ready and you can set it with your phone. After the mails are sent our clients received one of the best arranged statistics in the world.

Web maintenance has never been easier

New functions in our CMS Contrast allow our clients to move items among the system structure. It also has the drag and drop function that enables dragging a picture from PC desktop onto the site and it also provides safe and easy texts copying right from World right into your web. Clients can therefore adjust and update their webs and e-shops easily and quickly.

Fathers can start being excited

After long preparations we will finally lounge our app for future fathers that will keep them (and not only fathers) updated about current conditions of their soon-to-be- born baby. Application has been completely rewrite into a programming language SWift. Its interface has been adjusted for iOS8 and its price will be 0.79 euro



  • Reports and statistics
  • Webs and social media administration
  • Creating the content


  • Digital security monitoring
  • Online analysis of a data leakage
  • Procedures and service rules implementation

Project service

  • The operation manual, controlling, fulfilling
  • Training for clients, online support
  • Service for finished projects


  • Technologies for modern servers
  • FTP servers, virtual storage
  • Hosting services, e-mailing


  • Integration third party APIs
  • SMTP servers, direct mailing
  • Databases, computing systems

Creatives, PR texts

  • Copywrite with SEO knowledge
  • Texts for advertisements-commercials, story boards
  • Press releases, PR texts


Where to find us


Office contact:
Banys Media s.r.o.
U Vorlíků 367/3, Praha 6, 160 00, Czech republic
+420 777 829 445
+420 774 872 757

Billing information
Banys Media s.r.o.
Na Lysinách 457/20, Praha 4,147 00, Czech republic
IČ: 246 66 858
DIČ: CZ 246 66 858
Account number
290 0268 060 / 2010